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Our partners in business


Focus on the client

Giving people with mobility impairments as much freedom as possible. That’s what we do it for. That is why the user of our products (the client) is always our starting point. We always put him or her at the center of everything we do.   

It is important to know the client well. Who are they? What do they like to do during the day? And how can we help them do that? What role do our products play in their daily lives and what should these products make possible for them again? 

To systematically identify these needs, we use the “Client Centred” method. This approach is based on the international ICF system, which always focuses on the functioning and needs of the client. We consider the person’s disorder and limitations as well as their participation requirements. Therefore, we pay attention to what the end-user can still do and what they still want to do.

Based on the ICF system, we have developed multiple user profiles to matach all our products. When we know what the client can do and wants to do, we know which functional requirements they have for our products and what the appropriate product solution is. This way, we find the right mobility product for each individual, tailored to their needs. We don’t do this alone. To assist wheelchair or scooter users as effectively as possible, we work with many partners.

Reimbursment institute 

That’s why we work closely with teh reimbursment institute and their and depot managers. Through their input, we can offer an assortment that meets the demand from the market. The reusability of our products is paramount. With the depot managers, we develop multi-adjustable and individually adaptable products that can be used multiple times in the long term. 


Our products are ordered and supplied through local dealerships. By consistently informing the dealer of the functional requirements that end users demand, we ensure an up-to-date and appropriate portfolio together. Finally, we involve dealers and the technical service in the development of new tools through co-creation and user research. 

Occupational Therapists

To stay informed of all the functional requirements that end-users demand from our products, we also collaborate closely with OT’s. We support them through providing comprehensive online and offline product information tailored to the client’s user profile. Our own product advisors are always available to offer advice or complete product training, in line with our client-focused approach.