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CSR is teamwork

As a social enterprise, we always try to make choices that benefit people, the environment and society. This has been strongly anchored in our DNA since the start of Life & Mobility and is therefore nothing new, but has become increasingly visible in recent years. CSR is not a choice for us, but a necessity. One that we take very seriously. That is the reason we have committed ourselves to the SDG targets. They provide guidance and direction in everything we do. 


CO2 neutral

A lot is happening at Life & Mobility in the field of CSR. And we should be proud of that. For example, the fact that we have been allowed to call ourselves CO2 neutral since October 2022. Something we have been working hard to achieve since 2021. Great that this has been achieved, despite the busy period we have been in recently due to the effects of the corona pandemic. We can also be proud of our products, which are characterized by their extremely long lifespan of sometimes up to 20 years, which saves a lot of resources and prevents waste.

“CSR is not a choice for us, but a necessity”

Contributing to people’s wellbeing

But CSR is not just about numbers, or about who lives most frugally or has the smallest ecological footprint. It is also about people. We want to make a sustainable contribution to the well-being of our clients. With mobility equipment that focuses entirely on their needs. We distinguish ourselves with an extensive product portfolio, precisely developed on the basis of the functional requirements of different user groups, each with their own wishes and needs. Products that play a major role for multiple users for an extended period of time. Not only because they are durable, but also easy to adapt after use and thereby reusable for other clients. In the Netherlands, this reuse of our wheelchairs is arranged through good cooperation in the care chain. That’s one of the things that makes us unique.

Our spot on the horizon

This redistributability of our products is something that foreign countries look at with envy. So in the future, we hope to play a nice role in introducing this business model in other countries. That’s quite an endeavor, but one where we can make maximum impact. Our ambition is also to make the other branches within the Life & Mobility group CO2 neutral. That is our green spot on the horizon. So there is still plenty to do. Until then, we will continue to reflect on all the wonderful steps we are taking together towards this goal. This CSR annual report is a fine compilation of those steps. Wonderful evidence of our social character, complemented by beautiful stories from various colleagues and the role that CSR plays for them. 

Happy reading,

René Ploum
CEO Life & Mobility Group