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At Life & Mobility, we have committed ourselves to the Sustainable Development Goals supplied by the United Nations. These SDG’s help us to bring to right focus in our CSR efforts.

What are SDGs?

SDGs have been established as the new global sustainable development agenda for 2030. They help organizations carry out a sustainability agendat. We focus on the SDGs on which our company makes the most impact. This is how we contribute to solving global problems around poverty, health, inequality, climate change, peace and justice.  In this way we reduce risks, lower costs and increase future confidence in our organization. And that may lead to more growth. Organizations that work with SDGs speak the same language worldwide, can more easily compare themselves to each other and form partnerships more easily.

SDG goal 3: Good health and well-being

We value the health and well-being of our employees, healthcare professionals and partners. We focus in particular on a pleasant working atmosphere, the development of our employees and partners and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We also ensure a safe working environment, develop products that always meet the required standards, and share our knowledge with others.

SDG goal 5: Gender equality

It is important to us that everyone feels at home with us. Everyone is equal; no one should feel they are treated differently. That is why this is a major focus of HR and MT. And we take multiple measures and provisions to realize this goal, both internally and externally.

SDG goal 8: Valueing work and economic growth

Economic growth is sustainable only when we use capital, labor and resources responsibly. And when profits and incomes are distributed fairly between citizens and companies. We are very open and transparent about this. Only with healthy business operations can we offer clients the support they need. We do not go for short-term profit, but have a long-term vision, in which we want to offer the best solution for every client.

SDG goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We rely heavily on good infrastructure. We are constantly looking for the most efficient ways to make it more sustainable. The facility management, production and logistics departments deal with this on a daily basis.

SDG goal 12: Responsible production and consumption

Many of our projects are about efficient use of raw materials and semi-finished products. This is where we can reduce our CO2 footprint and reduce our dependency on certain raw materials. Our colleagues at Product Development, Product Management and the Procurement department are aware of the impact of their daily choices.

SDG goal 13: Climate action

We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment through our business activities. We focus on continuously reducing our energy and CO2 emissions. This includes following the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. We also commit to the Paris climate goals by following the guidelines of the Science Based Target.

SDG goal 17: Partnership to achieve the goals

We find it important that our partners in our supply chain have CSR within their focus. Only in together we can work towards a sustainable, circular economy.