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Annual report 2021 | Life & Mobility
Good employership

The strength of good employership 

What characterizes our employership? Especially our open company culture. We invest in a safe and respectful working environment that focuses on the wellbeing of employees. And that means we are open to each other’s opinions, and everyone feels free to be themselves. Everyone is unique, all our colleagues, all the people we work with, within the Netherlands, but also internationally. Together we work on the ambition of Life & Mobility. Each one of us with our own talent, knowledge, and skills. And that’s where our differences make us strong. 

We create this open company culture, for example, with our employee lunches and coffee meetings. With these, we want to involve our employees as much as possible in everything that is happening at Life & Mobility. After all, we do it together! 

What else makes us an attractive employer? For example, our commitment to social entrepreneurship. Or our attention to the vitality of our employees. With these and many other initiatives, we continue to build that pleasant workplace where everyone feels at home. 


Key figures

96% Member of the staff association 96% is a member of the staff association
66 people who are aged over fifty 66 employees are 50 years old or older
80% Permanent contract Fixed-term: 87%
Indefinite-term: 13%



At Life & Mobility, we consider involvement, responsibility, and going that extra mile to make a difference to be self-evident. As a social organization, we not only strive to be good to our end-users, but we also always make choices that benefit people, the environment, and society. This is reflected in our commitment to being a good employer. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) we pursue in this regard include providing all opportunities for everyone to work in good health and well-being, which should ensure that everyone feels at home at Life & Mobility. 

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