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Annual report 2021 | Life & Mobility

We believe it is important to consider the environment in our business operations. That’s why we have started several CO2 reduction projects. With these projects, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions in the areas of (component) transport, commuting, waste management, and electricity consumption. 

Ultimately, our goal is to be fully CO2 neutral by 2050, as recommended by the Science Based Target guidelines. And we are on the right track. In fact, we can already call ourselves CO2 neutral through the Trees For All compensation project, through which we support sustainable land and building ground in Bolivia. Of course, we will continue to work towards further reducing our emissions. 


Key figures

9 ongoing CO2 reduction projects
765 ton CO2 is being compensated
7463 Trees planted by L&M



We strongly rely on a good infrastructure. That is why we also contribute to it. We pay a lot of attention to the commuting of our employees and our goods transportation, and we are constantly looking for the most efficient ways to make them more sustainable. The departments of Facility, Production, and Logistics are dealing with this on a daily basis. We strive to minimize the negative impact of our business activities on the environment. We focus on continuous reduction of our energy and CO2 emissions, among other things, by following the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive of the European Union. 

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