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Annual report 2021 | Life & Mobility

As a manufacturer of medical devices, a large part of the environmental impact can be attributed to the production of parts. Due to the high demands on quality, we use high-quality materials for this purpose. To reduce the impact of these materials, we are actively working on closing the material loop. In other words, we aim for a circular economy. 

A large part of this circular economy takes place in the entire product chain, where we collaborate closely with pool holders. Used products are returned to the depot, where their reusability is determined. We use our Roxx wheelchair and Solo mobility scooter as a starting point to map out material usage, CO2 footprint, and potential opportunities. These models are the most representative of our entire product range. 


Key numbers

22 users on average per wheelchair
15 average lifespan of a wheelchair
21,2 kg CO2-equivalent per user



Economic growth is only sustainable if we use capital, labor, and resources responsibly.  And if profits and incomes are fairly distributed among citizens and companies. We are very open and transparent about this. Only with a healthy business operation we can provide the support our clients need. We do not aim for short-term profits, but have a long-term vision, in which we want to offer the best solution for each client. We believe it is important that our partners also prioritize sustainability. This way, we can work together throughout the entire chain to create a sustainable, circular economy. 

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