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Customer speaking;
Lei Geelen

“What do you do when a piece of paper falls out of your pocket? Do you leave it on the floor or do you pick it up and put it in a trash can?” That question is asked by Lei Geelen, Reuse Specialist at “Kersten Hulpmiddelen” in Roermond. His answer is typical for the ‘Kersten Hulpmiddelen’ down-to-earth an practical CSR approach: “I’ll put it back in my pocket and throw it in the trash can at home.” 

Speaking is Lei Geelen. As a reuse specialist, Lei is co-responsible for resource management. This varies from short-term loan by health insurance to a personal wheelchair in a care institution. In this key position, he has played an important role for many years in the cooperation between the reimbursment institute, depot managers, dealers and manufacturers. In a conversation about CSR, Lei talks about their own vision on this topic and how it is reflected in the organization.

"I would like to encourage manufacturers to produce tools with circularity and reusability in mind." Lei Geelen 

Reuse has always been a clear goal from the start 

“I have been involved with “Kersten Hulpmiddelen” since its foundation. Right from the beginning we have always been committed to help people with disabilities. This started very practically and has grown into an important part of our business operations. All our activities are aimed at making a difference for people with physical disabilities. In addition, we feel an extra responsibility towards people with a distance to a ‘standard’ job. In recent years, this has developed to a professional level: we are among the 10 percent most inclusive organizations in teh Netherlands. 

Our focus on reuse of parts is a result of the reimbursement amount we receive from the healthcare offices as a depository. With that, reuse has always been a clear goal from the start.” 

A partnership to be proud of

“The level at which we manage the depot is very high and professional. As a representative of the reimbursment institute we are really a partner for the whole care chain. I think that cooperation with all parties is a great achievement.” 

Ambitions for the future

“In the future, the use of healthcare devices will only continue to increase. And those devices will all need to be managed. So it is important that we continue to optimize the Dutch depot system. Just like the cooperation between all parties in the chain. I would also like to encourage manufacturers to produce devices with an eye on circularity and reusability so that we can keep healthcare affordable. Compliments for how Life & Mobility does that. They are an example in the field of CSR.”