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Employee speaking; Eelco Mensinga

This is Eelco Mensinga, employed at Life & Mobility since May 2018. First he worked at the Product Management department and now he works at the Product Development department, where he mainly deals with the project management side of the power assists range. Eelco is also a member of the Works Council, where he tries to represent the interests of everyone in the organization. We asked him about his vision of CSR and how this is reflected in his work. 

"I think it's important that our products come from fair factories. We produce a lot locally, so we can be sure the working conditions are good." Eelco Mensinga

Sustainability starts as early as the design phase 

“As a developer, me and my colleagues are at the cradle of every new Life & Mobility product. Choices we make during the design phase affect the sustainability of our products throughout their entire life cycle. This is why we think carefully in advance about which materials we will use, such as recycled plastics. Corporate social responsibility is one of the main pillars within the objectives of Life & Mobility. With that, I feel supported in every choice that helps to avoid unnecessary burden on society and the environment.” 

The bigger our ambitions, the more motivated we become

“With CSR you are never finished, so we will always keep working to improve. In the areas of circularity and CO2 impact, we are steadily making progress and we see opportunities to have an even bigger impact. Life & Mobility could involve all links in the chain even more in its CSR ambitions and express even more sharply its commitment.” 

Fair collaborations

“I think it’s important that our products come from fair factories. We assemble most of the products locally, so we can be sure that the working conditions are good. Some products come from Asia; here it is important to make good arrangements and assess the working conditions with our own eyes. This is something we do regularly and carefully.”